busy being a tourist

After two jam packed days of sight seeing around the DC area before Children’s Congress began, I have one thing to say: my feet hurt! But really, with tons of walking and metro riding and running to catch buses, I am completely worn out. Surprisingly, I somehow still haven’t had any low blood sugars with so much exercise. We’ve seen just about every monument and memorial and Mt. Vernon and Arlington Cemetery. My favorite thing we did was an open top night bus tour through the city. The memorials are stunning at night and I would recommend it to anyone! (Don’t believe the forecast though because we had 0% chance of rain but somehow ended up completely soaked in a storm!) While I have enjoyed being a tourist so much, I know that the reason I am in DC is to be a delegate and advocate to cure T1D!






children’s congress finishing touches

As the hectic last minute touches are being made for Children’s Congress, it’s hard to believe that I’ll be leaving in just 4 days for DC! I’m still trying to make sure my shoes are delivered in time, my mom is on the phone right now trying to get a token from our state to bring all the delegates, and I have another tv interview that was just rescheduled for tomorrow morning. While these next few days are only going to get busier by the minute, I know that it will all be worth it the moment we land in DC. We get 2 days of sightseeing before Children’s Congress actually starts, so I am excited about planning out what to visit. I already know that one of the first stops will be Georgetown Cupcake! But, of course, the part I am most looking forward to is helping my congressmen put a face to T1D. I am ecstatic knowing that all my efforts on this trip will be making a difference in the fight to cure diabetes, and I am forever grateful to JDRF for this opportunity! Stay online to read all my updates as I plan to blog the entire trip. It’ll be like you’re on Capitol Hill with me! :)