treatment vs cure

I had a random thought today. Some people don’t understand why I want a cure so badly when they see me successfully living with T1D every day. They don’t understand why I need a cure when I have an insulin pump. If only they understood!

I’ve heard diabetics say, “insulin is my life support, not a cure,” and this is ridiculously true. A cure would mean that I would never have to worry about T1D again. I would get to live the life of a normal teenager. A cure would mean no more carb counting, no more insulin calculating, no more pump or sensor wearing, and no more waking up at 2 am to drink a juice box.

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly blessed to live in this time period where I have all this amazing technology, and I understand how much better I have it than the diabetics who came before me. However, my pump is still only a treatment. Just like my juice box treats my low, my insulin treats my diabetes. A treatment isn’t a one time thing, but a cure would be. A treatment controls something for the time being, but a cure would control something forever.

I absolutely can not wait until the day we find that cure. Every dollar we raise, every day we advocate, and every person we educate means we are that much closer to this long anticipated cure. It will be a beautiful day when the generations after us do not even know what T1D is.


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