my fifth “diaversary”

I already know what you’re thinking… diaversary?

A diaversary is the anniversary of the day you were diagnosed with diabetes! Some people go all out with cakes or even parties to celebrate. It sounds silly, but to a T1D, it’s exciting to realize that we successfully survived another year with this disease.

For me, a diaversary is a day to reflect.

August 13, 2008 will forever be stamped into my mind as the day that changed my life. It was the last day I ate without counting carbs or calculating insulin, it was the last day I went without poking my finger, and it was the last day I had ultimate freedom.

While I can easily be grim in remembering this date, I try to stay optimistic about it! Yesterday, I took time to reflect on all the amazing opportunities T1D has brought my way. I have made lifetime friends, and there are things that I would have never had the chance to experience if it weren’t for T1D. I also like to take the time to think about how much the support and encouragement of my family and friends has helped me through this disease. I know that there are plenty of nights that I could have died while sleeping if my mom had not woken up to take care of me. I also know that I would not have the perseverance and determination that I do if it weren’t for the constant positive words and motivation I receive from everyone around me. Lastly, my diaversary makes me think about how much I truly am looking forward to a cure! While I strive my best everyday to fight diabetes, I can not wait until the day where my life is no longer a struggle.

5 years of living with T1D has brought a whirlwind of new friends, opportunities, and blessings, but it has also brought emotional, physical, and mental daily challenges. I honestly hope that yesterday was my last diaversary, but I know that I will continue to thrive in my fight and wait for the cure!


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