children’s congress finishing touches

As the hectic last minute touches are being made for Children’s Congress, it’s hard to believe that I’ll be leaving in just 4 days for DC! I’m still trying to make sure my shoes are delivered in time, my mom is on the phone right now trying to get a token from our state to bring all the delegates, and I have another tv interview that was just rescheduled for tomorrow morning. While these next few days are only going to get busier by the minute, I know that it will all be worth it the moment we land in DC. We get 2 days of sightseeing before Children’s Congress actually starts, so I am excited about planning out what to visit. I already know that one of the first stops will be Georgetown Cupcake! But, of course, the part I am most looking forward to is helping my congressmen put a face to T1D. I am ecstatic knowing that all my efforts on this trip will be making a difference in the fight to cure diabetes, and I am forever grateful to JDRF for this opportunity! Stay online to read all my updates as I plan to blog the entire trip. It’ll be like you’re on Capitol Hill with me! :)


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