the unspoken annoyances of diabetes

The worst parts of diabetes that no one ever talks about:
1. Shaving your legs when your pump site is on your thigh. It’s pretty common to find a circle of stubble on my leg.
2. When your sugar is low at night after brushing your teeth. Nothing is better than the combination of apple juice and toothpaste.
3. Pump site and sensor tan lines. There is a huge white circle on both sides of my stomach year round.
4. Having to plug in your site in public (especially in jeans). No, I am not reaching down my pants for fun. This is a medical emergency!
5. Just like the last one, having to bolus when you are wearing a dress. Oh, just casually slipping my hand up my dress…
6. When your parents ask you if you are high… in public. To all of the strangers who have heard this in the grocery store, they were talking about my blood sugar.


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