what’s in a low?

It’s crazy how your body gets so used to certain blood sugars, even if they are way out of range. The past month or so, I was having to treat at least one low every single night. After my endocrinologist corrected my overnight basal, I was pretty much perfect (well as close as a diabetic can get to perfect!) every night. However, last night around midnight when I was going to bed (excuse my crazy summer sleep schedule), my sugar dropped to 79. I got extremely shaky and before checking, I honestly thought that I was in the 50’s or 60’s. Since I hadn’t had a low in so long, my body wasn’t used to that awful feeling. After a (yummy) correction of skittles and milk, I started to really think about lows. It made me realize how dangerous lows can be to my body and how wrong it was for me I have let myself get used to so many lows in the past. So after some late night deep thinking, I know that in the future when I encounter a week or two on constant lows, I will contact my doctor right away to correct my doses. I want my body to only be used to blood sugars in the normal range!


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