children’s congress ’13

I am so excited to announce that I have been selected to attend JDRF’s 2013 Children’s Congress as the Mississippi delegate. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, because I have the privilege to speak to my state’s senators and representative about why funding a cure for type 1 is so important! No longer will type 1 diabetes be just a word on a bill, it’ll be my face. I hope that getting to create a relationship with my congressmen will show them that diabetes affects real people, just like me. As if anything could top this experience off, I will be attending on my 16th birthday! While most kids are getting a new car, I’ll be advocating to ensure a brighter future for America. A future where no more families have to lose a child to Type 1…


7 thoughts on “children’s congress ’13

  1. So proud to have you representing Mississippi, Catrina! Love your blog and will be following you!! Thanks for your leadership!

  2. Catrina, congratulations! I was a JDRF Congress Candidate from Nebraska back in 1992. This is a wonderful opportunity for you! Hope you have a wonderful time!

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